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Queue Processing


During queue processing the report log will be updated with information about the steps being taken by SolidQueue. These report log entries entries can be filtered by their type: error, warning, information, PDM, log.

During processing only the Flat report view is available, once the queue has been processed the Tree View report view will be available, and can be accessed using the toggle button as identified below:

Queue Processing

More information can be found in the Report section

Usability Toggles

Some usability settings can be toggled directly from the processing window as shown below

Queue Processing

Toggle Description
Auto Scroll If set to Auto Scroll then the log will automatically scroll down to the latest entry as new entries are added. This can be useful as it is easier to see what is happening at the present moment in time. It should be disabled if you want to scroll back up the log manually.
Top Most Window This ensures that the processing window always sits in-front of any other window. This can be useful to ensure that the log is always visible, but should be disabled if you need to bring a different window to the foreground

Both of these toggle settings are persisted in the Settings window

Cancelling the queue

It is possible to cancel the queue by attempting to close the queue processing window (by clicking the X in the top right of the window). It is not possible for the processing to stop immediately, as this could leave files in an undesirable state. As such this requests cancellation of the queue which will occur once SolidQueue has finished processing the current file. The report will also indicate that processing was cancelled by the user. Once the cancellation has been processed then the queue processing window can be closed in the usual manner (by clicking the X once more).

Queue Processing