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Special Variables

Special variables allow for dynamic information to be specified for evaluation during task execution. A typical use case for special variables is to define a file name when exporting a files.

Special Variables Menu

Special Variable Evaluates Example
File Directory The folder that the SolidWorks document resides in C:\SolidWorksData
File Name The file name of the SolidWorks document MyPart
File Extension The file extension of the SolidWorks document .sldprt
Active Configuration Name The name of the active configuration in the SolidWorks document (note that Drawings do not have configurations) Default
Custom Property Evaluates a specified custom property in the SolidWorks document -
Date / Time Evaluates the date and time at which the task is run, the user can specify the format, see MSDN 2020-02-20 15-23
Unique Number Evaluates to a unique number based on conditions. For example when defining a directory to export to the number will be incremented until the path is unique, i.e. if the path evaluated to the existing directory C:\Folder but the Unique Number special variable was appended, then the path would evaluate to C:\Folder1, C:\Folder2 etc until a directory that does not exist is identified -


It is possible to preview some special variables using the preview button. If there are no files in the queue then dummy data is used for document related special variables. If files exist in the queue then the first file in the queue is used to show document related special variables, such as File Directory, Name and Extension. The Active Configuration Name and Custom Property special variables will only be evaluated at run time and as such dummy information is used in the preview.

An example of preview evaluation is provided below

Special Variables

Evaluated with not files in the queue (dummy data):

Special Variables

Evaluated with a file in the queue:

Special Variables