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Export Flat Pattern


Exports a sheet metal part as a flat pattern in DXF or DWG format (in the active configuration).



Parameter Type Description
Title Text box The title of the task
Export File Path File browser The file path to export the file to (will automatically be prefixed with the flat pattern feature name for multi bodies, in such cases the unique number special variable does not guarantee a unique file path)
Overwrite Checkbox If checked then any existing file will be overwritten
Export All Configurations Checkbox If checked then exports a flat pattern for all configurations in the part, otherwise exports the active configuration only

Export Options

Parameter Type Description
Geometry Checkbox Export flat-pattern geometry
Hidden Edges Checkbox Include hidden edges
Bend Lines Checkbox Export bend lines
Sketches Checkbox Include sketches
Library Features Checkbox Export library features
Forming Tools Checkbox Export forming tools
Bounding Box Checkbox Export bounding box

Supported Document Types

  • Part

Supported Processing Type

  • SolidWorks Application