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SOLIDX is launching soon!

SOLIDX will be launching very soon, check this page for the latest information.

What is SOLIDX?

The definitive SOLIDWORKS add-in.

Save time by customising, automating and programming key sections of your workflow. Reduce the repetitive and tedious processes so you can focus on the details.

SOLIDX enables you to fully utilise the tasks you know and love in SOLIDQ and make use of them as part of your daily SOLIDWORKS workflow. SOLIDX enables you to create your own task based buttons to automate processes on the active model document. Event Based Tasks allow you to automate a range of tasks to run when a specific action takes place in SOLIDWORKS; for example you can save a PDF copy automatically every time you save a 2D drawing.

SOLIDX also aims to bring you additional functionality that isn't suitable in SOLIDQ. For example automated processes can still require user input, such as user selections in SOLIDWORKS. In such cases SOLIDQ is not a suitable tool as it is designed to run on batch without user interaction. This is where SOLIDX can provide more complex automation tools that run directly in your SOLIDWORKS session.

SOLIDX command manager

Custom Command

Add custom command manager tabs then add buttons with accessible task based automation for SOLIDWORKS.

SOLID taskpane

More flexibility
than ever

Make SOLIDWORKS your own with custom command manager tabs. Automate repetition in your workflow so you can focus on the details.

Who is behind SOLIDX?

SOLIDX is a product developed by SOLIDWORKS reseller Solid Solutions, the same team behind SOLIDQ.