Task based queuing for



What is SOLIDQ?

SOLIDQ is a highly customisable batch process automation tool for SOLIDWORKS.

Save time by customising, automating and programming key sections of your workflow and get faster return on your SOLIDWORKS investment.

SOLIDQ automates batch tasks allowing you to offload tedious and repetitive tasks reducing costly mistakes. If your SOLIDWORKS routine involves the same button clicks time and again then get SOLIDQ to do the work for you and free up your time to focus on what matters.

Save Time

SOLIDQ does a better job more quickly.

Reduce Costs

Work efficiently to help reduce your costs.

Reduce Mistakes

People aren't machines, SOLIDQ kind of is.

Boost Morale

Automate the tedious work and innovate.

Who is behind SOLIDQ?

SOLIDQ is a product developed by SOLIDWORKS reseller Solid Solutions.