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SOLIDQ is a highly customisable batch process automation tool for SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDQ automates batch tasks allowing you to offload tedious and repetitive tasks reducing costly mistakes. If your SOLIDWORKS routine involves the same button clicks time and again then get SOLIDQ to do the work for you and free up your time to focus on what matters.

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Getting Started

Installation & Licensing

SOLIDQ comes packaged with an installer to simplify the process of installation - Installation.

All versions of SOLIDQ must be licensed. You will be prompted for a license key when you first run SOLIDQ - Licensing.

Create a Project

Once installed you will need to create a SOLIDQ project. While we've made the process as intuitive as possible you may want to follow a walk through to ensure you are up to speed - Creating a project.

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If you experience an issue when using SOLIDQ you can contact support your reseller to raise a ticket.

Exception logs are stored in the following location: %LocalAppData%\SOLIDQ\Health. Please provide any relevant log if you are experiencing a crash.