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SolidQueue is a task based queuing application for SolidWorks.

  • Task Based - build complex and specific functionality using tasks as building blocks
  • Queuing - batch process SolidWorks files automatically

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Getting Started


SolidQueue comes packaged with an installer to simplify the process of installation. Learn More.


All versions of SolidQueue must be licensed (including the 'Standard' version which is available for free). You will be prompted for a license key when you first run SolidQueue. Learn More.

Create a Project

Once installed you will need to build up a SolidQueue project. While we've made the process as intuitive as possible you may want to follow a walk through to ensure you are up to speed. Learn More.

User Interface

Familiarise yourself with the SolidQueue interface. Learn More.


Browse the available tasks. Browse.

Special Variables

Get to grips with using the power of special variables in tasks. Learn More.


Make the best use of the reporting functionality. Learn More


Understand how to tweak SolidQueue to your requirements within the settings. Learn More.

Reporting Issues

If you experience an issue when using SolidQueue you may want to raise a ticket.