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What's New

The latest additions and changes will be detailed here, read on to learn about new functionality that has recently been added to SOLIDQ.


17th April 2024

  • Added a new Delete Sheet task that enables a drawing sheet to be deleted

10th April 2024

  • Enhanced Sheet Metal Gauge Table task to allow for specification of bend table, and improve matching of existing thickness / gauge
  • Improved the abilities of the 'Add Components' functionality to handle additional cases with improved results

28th March 2024

  • Improved settings such that a change to the UI Theme is applied immediately
  • Enhanced the 'Add Components' functionality to handle adiditonal cases (such as missing file references), and display a cancellable progress window to display progress when traversing large assembly structures

15th February 2024

  • Fixed an issue whereby shared documents were not being saved and closed automatically after processing a queue

2nd February 2024

  • Prevent SOLIDQ from being able to open SOLIDWORKS 2019 or earlier drawings in Detailing Mode. SOLIDWORKS 2020 introduced Detailing Mode and any files saved in earlier versions have very limited functionality
  • Rename Custom Property Task: Fix for renaming a custom property with the same name with different casing

22nd January 2024


Condition Manager

New Tasks

  • Modify Sheet Metal Features: Provides the ability to modify the sheet metal thickness, bend radius, and bend allowance type
  • Show / Hide Features: Provides the ability to show or hide specific features
  • Create Drawing from Bodies: Creates a drawing containing a view for each body in a multi body part (including optional sheet metal flat pattern views) with descriptive labels
  • Bounding Box: Creates a best fit bounding box feature (available in SOLIDWORKS 2019 or later)
  • Delete Configuration: Deletes a specified configuration
  • Delete All Equations: Deletes all equations in a model


  • Bug fix for rollback bar task (now positioned before mates folder in assembly when set to top)
  • Add Folder window will now display in the centre of the SOLIDQ window (previously it could have appeared on another screen)


14th September 2023

  • Enhanced BOM Part Number such that $PRP tags are evaluated when an 'User Specified' name is used

1st August 2023

27th July 2023

  • Resolved an issue whereby complex PDM passwords may not be stored correctly, resulting in PDM connection issues

13th June 2023

  • Enhanced Custom Property Special Variable:
    • When using configuration specific properties it is possible to set this to the active configuration
    • It is possible to use the non configuration specific property if the configuration specific property is not found, or has no value
  • Added 'Delete Feature(s)' task

12th June 2023

  • Added 'Set Feature Suppression State' task

15th May 2023

  • Updated to .NET 6

8th March 2023

  • Updated Image Quality task to better match the slider displayed in SOLIDWORKS for shaded and draft quality resolution. Also added the ability to set the wireframe and high quality resolution. Either or both values can be set now using this task.

23rd February 2023

  • Added support for SOLIDWORKS 2023 Document Manager processing

21st February 2023

  • Fixed an issue when exporting detached drawings using the 'Export Drawing As' task

15th December 2022

  • Fixed an issue whereby checking files into a new PDM folder could fail
  • Improved validation of file paths when saving new files (ensure no illegal characters are in the file path)
  • Resolved a potential issue preventing the successful export of eDrawings HTML files to a PDM location

5th October 2022

  • Fixed an issue whereby 'Export as eDrawings HTML' task may not run
  • Improved installer when checking for installation of pre-requisites
  • Resolved an issue causing tasks to be duplicated in the 'Toolbox' page in the help documentation
  • Updated the licensing client used to better display license information

11th August 2022

  • Removed requirement to have SOLIDWORKS installed on the machine for the SOLIDQ installer to run

5th August 2022

  • Resolved a UI issue whereby the toolbox layout could introduce an unecessary horizontal scroll bar

17th July 2022

  • Improved error message when attempting to connect to a PDM standard vault

27th June 2022

  • Added 'Document Properties - Toggle Option' task to SOLIDQ which sets a given document property toggle option

23rd Jun 2022

  • Added progress indicator when loading a large project or report with the ability to cancel the load operation

21st June 2022

  • Combined and updated the About and Update user interface
  • Added the ability to transfer license directly from the new About interface (simplified steps to swap out the license for a new one)
  • Improved performance of the queue processing window to ensure the UI remains responsive when processing large data sets

7th June 2022

  • Fixed an issue, observed on some machines, where details entered into a Special Variables text box would not be stored in the project

5th May 2022

  • Added Clear Revision Table task for drawings
  • Added Pack & Go task

20th April 2022

  • Added ability to pause / resume queue processing Learn More
  • Added setting to enable saving of virtual components Learn More