Task based queuing for



Insert Model Items


Imports model annotations to all views of the drawing on the specified sheet(s)



Parameter Type Description
Title Text box The title of the task

Sheets to process

Parameter Type Description
Sheets to process Drop down box The sheets on which to add model items to the views
Sheet Names Text box The names of specific sheets on which to add model items (pipe bar delimited list)

Dimension Options

Parameter Type Description
Eliminate duplicate dimensions Checkbox If checked then removes duplicate dimensions
Insert hidden feature dimensions Checkbox If checked then inserts dimensions from features that are hidden
Use dimension placement in sketch Checkbox If checked then inserts dimensions as they were placed in the sketch


Parameter Type Description
Dimensions marked for drawing Checkbox The dimensions marked for drawing
Dimensions not marked for drawing Checkbox The dimensions that have not been marked for drawing
Instance / revolution counts Checkbox The number of instances for patterns
Toleranced dimensions Checkbox The dimensions configured with a tolerance
Hole wizard profiles Checkbox The hole wizard profile dimensions
Hole wizard locations Checkbox The hole wizard location dimensions
Hole callouts Checkbox The hole callouts


Parameter Type Description
Notes Checkbox The notes
Surface finish symbols Checkbox The surface finish symbols
Geometric tolerances Checkbox The geometric tolerance symbols
Datums Checkbox The datums
Datum targets Checkbox The datum targets
Weld symbols Checkbox The weld symbols
Caterpillar Checkbox The weld beads (caterpillar)
End Treatment Checkbox The weld beads (end treatment)
Cosmetic threads Checkbox The cosmetic threads

Reference Geometry

Parameter Type Description
Planes Checkbox The planes
Axis Checkbox The axes
Origins Checkbox The origins
Points Checkbox The points
Surfaces Checkbox The surfaces
Curves Checkbox The curves

Supported Document Types

  • Drawing (Detailing)

Supported Processing Type

  • SolidWorks Application

This task makes changes to the model