Task based queuing for



Add / Remove Custom Property


Adds or removes a generic or configuration specific custom property



Parameter Type Description
Title Text box The title of the task
Action Drop down box The action to take
Property Name Editable drop down box The name of the custom property
Property Value Editable drop down box The value of the custom property (only used if action is set to 'Add')
Create Static Value Checkbox If checked then the value of the custom property will be created as a static value. This would only affect cases where a dynamic value is specified (such as the mass "SW-Mass") and would prevent the value from being recalculated within SolidWorks. This setting also requires SolidWorks to be open and thus is much slower than having properties added via the document manager.
Configuration Name Text box (with special variables) The configuration in which to add the custom property (leave blank for non-configuration specific property). Not applicable to drawings.

Supported Document Types

  • Assembly (Lightweight)
  • Drawing (Resolved)
  • Part

Supported Processing Type

  • SolidWorks Application
  • Document Manager

This task can be run on all configurations of the model This task makes changes to the model