Task based queuing for



Task Parameters

Watermark Task Parameters

Each task has it's own parameters which configure what happens when the task is run. The help for each specific task details what parameters exist for each task - search through them in the Toolbox.

Parameter Types

There are a number of different types of parameters that can be presented to the user. These are detailed below.

Text box

Accepts plain text values.

Text Box

Numeric value

Accepts numeric values, valid values are defined by the specific task.

Numeric Value


A true or false checkbox.


A fixed multiple choice drop down box.

Drop Down Box

Editable drop down box

An multiple choice drop down box that also accepts plain text.

Editable Drop Down Box


A slider control with a defined range and interval of valid values defined by the specific task.


File browser

A file browser to specify a specific file. Often used when a file is required bas an input, or it being generated as an output. Supports special variables.

File Browser

Save File Browser

Folder browser

A folder browser to specify a specific directory. Often used when multiple output files may be generated. Supports special variables.

Folder Browser

Text box (with special variables)

Accepts plain text values. Supports special variables.

Special Variables

Special Variables Preview