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Create Drawing from Bodies


Creates a drawing containing a view for each body in a multi body part (including optional sheet metal flat pattern views) with descriptive labels.



Parameter Type Description
Title Text box The title of the task
Export Folder File browser The folder to create the drawing in
Export File Name Text box (with special variables) The file name to use for the created drawing
Overwrite Checkbox If checked then any existing file will be overwritten

Drawing Settings

Parameter Type Description
Scale Multi Parameter The scale to use
- Scale (Numerator) Custom The scale numerator
- Scale (Denominator) Custom The scale denominator
Add flat pattern view (sheet metal) Checkbox If checked then an additional flat pattern drawing view is added for each unique sheet metal body
Sheet Margin - Top (mm) Numeric value The top sheet margin (mm)
Sheet Margin - Bottom (mm) Numeric value The bottom sheet margin (mm)
Sheet Margin - Left (mm) Numeric value The left sheet margin (mm)
Sheet Margin - Right (mm) Numeric value The right sheet margin (mm)
View Horizontal Padding (mm) Numeric value The horizontal padding between drawing views (mm)
View Vertical Padding (mm) Numeric value The vertical padding between drawing views (mm)
Custom Drawing Template Multi Parameter The custom drawing template
- Use Custom Drawing Template Checkbox If checked a custom drawing template should be specified, otherwise the default drawing template in SOLIDWORKS will be used
- Custom Drawing Template File browser The custom drawing template file to use

BOM Table Settings

Parameter Type Description
Add bill of materials Checkbox If checked then an additional sheet is added containing the bill of materials
Indented numbering type Drop down box Specifies the numbering type for the indented BOM table
Custom BOM template Multi Parameter The custom BOM template
- Use custom BOM template Checkbox If checked the BOM table will be created with a user defined template, otherwise will default to bom-standard.sldbomtbt template
- Custom BOM template File browser The custom BOM template file to use

Supported Document Types

  • Part

Supported Processing Type

  • SolidWorks Application

This task makes changes to the model