Task based queuing for



Export Custom Properties


Exports Custom Properties to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file (per model).



Parameter Type Description
Title Text box The title of the task
Export Folder File browser The folder to export the file to
Export File Name Text box (with special variables) The file name to export the file as
Export File Type Drop down box The type of file to export
Overwrite Checkbox If checked then any existing file will be overwritten
Export Configuration Specific Properties Checkbox If checked then configuration specific properties will also be exported, otherwise only non-configuration specific properties will be exported
Separate Worksheets for configuration specific properties Checkbox If checked then configuration specific custom properties will be exported to separate worksheets (only valid for an Excel export)
Resolve all properties (slower) Checkbox If checked then all custom properties will be fully resolved, this could be particularly slow if the model contains multiple configurations. Otherwise cached properties may be exported.

Supported Document Types

  • Assembly (Lightweight)
  • Drawing (Resolved)
  • Part

Supported Processing Type

  • SolidWorks Application

This task does not make changes to the model