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SWOOD Report


This task will export an SWOOD report for models containing SWOOD data. It requires the SWOOD addin to be installed, licensed and configured prior to running the task, however the addin will be automatically loaded if not currently set to active within SolidWorks.



Parameter Type Description
Title Text box The title of the task
Include CAM data Checkbox If checked then ensures SWOOD CAM is loaded and thus CAM data is included in the report. If unchecked then only SWOOD Design will be loaded
Overwrite existing report Checkbox If checked then overwrites any existing reports
Use Custom Report Path Checkbox If checked then a custom report path is used, otherwise the report is saved if the default location defined by SWOOD
Report Path File browser The folder in which to export the report (only valid if 'Use Custom Report Path' is checked)

Supported Document Types

  • Assembly (Resolved)
  • Drawing (Resolved)
  • Part

Supported Processing Type

  • SolidWorks Application

This task does not make changes to the model