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All versions of SolidQueue must be licensed (including the 'Standard' version which is available for free).

If you have purchased SolidQueue then you will have been send a license code to use. You can obtain a license key for the Standard version from our website.


You will be prompted for a license key when you first run SolidQueue.

Licensing Screen

Transfer license

Licenses are linked to a machine when activated. As such it is necessary to return a license if you wish to activate it on another machine.

Launch Solid Solutions Licensing on your machine to manage your license (it will have been installed alongside SolidQueue).

The licenses on your machine will be displayed. You can click View on a license, or double click it to view more information about the license. You can return a license by clicking on Return.

Licensing Details


Licenses are linked to a machine using a machine identifier. This identifier can change in certain circumstances, typically a hardware change.

If the machine identified changes then the license will no longer be considered active on your machine and attempting to re-activate the license will result in an error message stating the activation count has been exceeded. Please contact [email protected] for assistance in such cases.