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What's New

The latest additions and changes will be detailed here, read on to learn about new functionality that has recently been added to SolidQueue.

27th June 2022

  • Added 'Document Properties - Toggle Option' task to SolidQueue which sets a given document property toggle option

23rd Jun 2022

  • Added progress indicator when loading a large project or report with the ability to cancel the load operation

21st June 2022

  • Combined and updated the About and Update user interface
  • Added the ability to transfer license directly from the new About interface (simplified steps to swap out the license for a new one)
  • Improved performance of the queue processing window to ensure the UI remains responsive when processing large data sets

7th June 2022

  • Fixed an issue, observed on some machines, where details entered into a Special Variables text box would not be stored in the project

5th May 2022

  • Added Clear Revision Table task for drawings
  • Added Pack & Go task

20th April 2022

  • Added ability to pause / resume queue processing Learn More
  • Added setting to enable saving of virtual components Learn More